Belgrade LUGs United is organized by a team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!

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Corporate social responsibility

We live in a united world where our actions should further some social good, beyond the interests of the club and or that which is required by law - we strive to make our ambience healthier, happier and with finest possible education through our Humanitarian, educational and ecological activities.

  • Humanitarian: - Exhibits
                                - Activities
  • Educational
  • Ecology


- Saving Andjela (8)
- collecting funds for homeless children from Belgrade, svratiste Beograda (link)
- Flood relief activity
- Helping Sasa (4)
- Helping Ivana (6)
- Helping Tijana (12)

- Beokocka member actively took part in saving people lives in great floods of 2014. Club members Dejan, Stefan and Ivan were awarded the plaque of courage from Gendarme - Serbia for spending continues 29 hours on and in the water, delivering water and food, saving most vulnerable.
- Packages with food, water and LEGO bricks given to the migrants from Syria.
- Presentation

We visited Tansania, Africa, and brought little happines with our "Story telling kits" made with LEGO bricks to orphans. (link)

- working with "Kolajna Ljubavi" to get bricks to the orphans in Tanzania, Africa

- introducing LEGO learning tools into Serbian education through LINK groups Schools (link)
- Collaboration with Children's Cultural Center Belgrade (DKCB), impact of age groups on creativity, study (link)
- Collaboration with Institution of Culture Palilula (link)
- Collaboration with Institution of Culture Jagodina (link)
- VOXXED, taking part in Technology & Entrepreneurship Conference (link)
- OGBS, introducing transversal skills using LEGO tools (link)
- DKCB, introducing LEGO Serious Play methodology (link) (mala slika iz rumunije trening) - OGBS, introducing LEGO Serious Play methodology (link) (mala slika iz rumunije zadnji dan gosti) - Omni Group, basics in LEGO Education (link)

Future (in 2018):
- Introducing LEGO learning tools in preschool (Delta)
- Project with Ministry of Inner Affairs - Influence good things
- Project with Societee Generale - Young talents in STEM
- Budi Bijenale festival, introducing LEGO learning tools
- Save Serbia, USA embassy project, 100 years of USA - Serbian friendship

- "We are nature", presentation
- OGBC, Ecological pathways of waste
- Raising info level about ecology, Eagle Hills, Belgrade Waterfront
- cleaning Danube river bank (activity)
- cleaning our street (activity)
- DKCB, introducing Ecology
- 100th tree for 100th event (activity)