Belgrade LUGs United is organized by a team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!


Email: pr@beokocka.rs
CSR Chain of Love - Africa

Beokocka started as humanitarian club. Almost all our events in first few years were humanitarian. We collected money for sick children, for children without parents, for children without home, for flood refugees, for migrants and war refugees, and not only money, but food, water, clothes and LEGO toys. If you want, you can learn more on our CSR page (link)

But we never operated outside the boundaries of our borders

Until now

We were setting up event in Zagreb, where we met Mejrema, who is a volunteer in "Kolajna Ljubavi" (meaning, chain of love), humanitarian organization who is working in Tanzania, Africa, with children orphans. She is a young, idealistic person, and while we were spending time and talking, it struck ust how selfless it is to go to Africa for few months and volunteer, helping children. At that moment, we also wanted to add something little, and the only thing we really have are LEGO toys

So, Mejrema connected us with Kolajna Ljubavi director, and we discussed possibility of us helping their project in Africa with bricks and sets for orphan children there. In the first batch, we will send 20 kg of bricks and sets. Not much, but all we can spare at the moment, also, it is good to start with smaller steps and see how logistics will work out.

In any case, even one brick, one smile is a step in good direction. And every time we do something like this, we feel... well, really good.

Some future ideas are to gather some funds and send few orphans from here there for a week or two, for socializing, and then few orphants from there here, for socializing also The bottom line is - kids are kids, no mater the color, nation or gender

  • there is nothing more precious in the world then making one smile

Follow up

Our member is a curadgeous person, she went to another continent for 3 months to help orphan children, She is amazing

It turned out kids never saw LEGO brick before. They didn't get in touch with any toys with interlocking mechanism before - and within an hour, they were building - amazing

within three months, we are going to make several specialized workshops, as we sent our "Story Telling Kits"

plane ticket, bricks, everything was covered by club or members. Although we have orpahns in our country also (we did help them also, both bricks and funds), it was a challenge to try our methods on a diferant culture. It turns out - kids are kids, and toys are toys - universal love

Here are some pictures: Image description Image description Image description

Beokocka's story telling kit:

Kits are comprised from these types of bricks:

  • Basic loose bricks (for structures, mainly 1x1, 1x2, 2x2 and 2x4 bricks in different colors)
  • Odd shapes (slopes, inverted slopes and similar, corresponding with basic bricks
  • Multymethaphor bricks (arches, wings)
  • Single metaphors (flags, flowers, animals:
  • 50 dogs (tan)
  • 50 dogs (sand blue)
  • 50 cats
  • 50 owls
  • 50 chipmunks
  • Transparent brick (all shapes and colors)
  • moving bricks (in this case only hinges)
  • minifigs - 50 minifigs (humans) and extra 50 heads from animals, monsters, robots and similar)
  • plates - base for building, 50 pieces.

As a special note, kids love our club's shirt, with Beokocka's Logo (you can see it on a picture on Mema) because of the hearth flying around the brick, so we have a special order for the next batch - 40 smallest shirts with a brick and a hearth flying around :)

All in all, wonderfull experience, for all involved. We will continue working with this orphanage during 2019, and in 2020, we received a call from Kenya, and already have a volonteer who will travel there for three months.

We hope this is a start of a chainf of wonderful new friendships

Thank you