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AFOLize everything!

We have a long running joke in club, when we use old proverbs, we AFOLize "them"

I have gathered some in a blog post, maybe you will have little fun reading it. Also, we have few of them scattered all around both sites, so have fun searching, if you are a completionist :)


  • Two plates don't make a brick
  • The brick is mightier than a sword
  • When in Billund, do as AFOLs
  • The squeaky wheel gets the brick
  • When the building gets tough, the though get the building
  • no AFOL is an island
  • Fortune favors the builder
  • People who live in modular houses should not throw stones
  • Hope for the best, but prepare for touch-happy visitors
  • AFOLs of feather flock together
  • Keep your friends close and your bricks closer
  • a MOC is worth a thousand words
  • There's no such thing as free bricks (well, not true:)
  • Proper connection is a greater part of valor
  • The early bird catches the brick
  • Never look a gift set in mouth
  • You can't make a MOC without breaking few sets
  • Sortigness is next to godliness
  • A watched MOC never builds
  • AFOLs can't be set choosers
  • Creation speak louder than words
  • If the MOC aunt broke, don't fix it
  • Building makes perfect
  • Too many builders spoil the MOC
  • Easy build, easy dissemble
  • Don't bite the hand that builds
  • All good conventions must come to the end
  • If you can't beat them, build them
  • One man's wedged slope is another's 1x1 brick with stud on one side
  • There's no brick like 1x2
  • Beauty is in the eye of the builder
  • Necessity is the mother of mocing
  • A penny saved us brick earned
  • you can't judge a set by its cover
  • Good sets come to those who wait
  • Don't put all of your bricks in one basket
  • Two sets are better than one
  • The bricks are always greener on the other side of the hill
  • A creation is only strong as its weakest connection
  • Absence of bricks makes heart grow fonder You can lead a horse to bricks, but you can't make him build
  • If you want something built, you have to build it yourself

Serbian proverbs:

  • Bez kocke nema zanata
  • Bolje kocka u ruci nego golub na grani
  • Vuk dlaku menja, ali kocke nikada
  • Gde nema macke, tu kockice kolo vode
  • Ispod Mire sto kockica vire
  • Isteruje mak na kocku
  • Iver ne pada daleko od kocke
  • Kp gradi, zlo ne misli
  • Ko gradi, ne skita
  • Ko visoko gradi, nisko pada
  • Ko drugome moc gradi, sam u njega upada
  • Koliko ljudi, toliko moceva
  • Mi o kocki, a set na vrata
  • Na jeziku med, a u srcu kocka
  • Na graditeljima svet ostaje
  • Na muci se poznaju oceri
  • Ne trci kao AFOL pred rudu
  • Ne guraj nos u tudji moc
  • Ne gradi AFOL sela radi, nego sebe radi
  • Nije kocka sve sto sija
  • Obecanje, ludom AFOLu radovanje
  • Dve kockice oko panja
  • Mis uz kocku, mis niz kocku
  • Na vrh brda kocka mrda
  • Raskiseliseliti se kockice
  • Umiljato jagnje dve kocke ima
  • Kocka kocku mije
  • Ko umijie njemu kocke dvije
  • Ko pre setu njemu kockice
  • Kocka se kockom izbija

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