Belgrade LUGs United is organized by a team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!


Email: pr@beokocka.rs
why sharing is important

Everything we made and achieved as humanity is product of collected collective wisdom that spans hundreds and thousands of years. Having to learn from somebodies else experience trough not just observation, but listening and later reading is, by far, one of most influence factor that made our spices progress.

Quote, Socrates

And that is what this topic is all about - learning from other's communities and individuals experience.

I invite you to take part in sharing your experiences that could potentially add to the diversity and structural, logistical, emotional and social development of communities you could not even aware that exist It doesn't matter what is public opinion - if you or your community think you have done something good that others could learn from - share it

Beokocka is gargantuan entity that is growing exponentially with all the new funds, skills and fresh views we get from new blood. We share just a fraction of things we do, and the things we do are... for us, mind-blowing, with positive consequences that impact all our lives in a way that we can't imagine existing or having the quality of life and mental state without belonging to a community. But we didn't start as this - we started as any other club, small, and shy, full of ideas but slow to implement, as we watched communities in the region, trying to be like them - we believe that this is also a reason why almost all forums look the same, with similar topics and structure.

But we learned, we took best of logistics from our western neighbors and best of social from our eastern, we learned on mistakes of our local communities and needed much less time to develop, not having to do "hit&miss" like they had, and ultimately making our own, unique flavor, by mixing all we gathered and seen, with our own identity

Then we went global. And started learning from global cluster of communities - it would turn out, like in "Hitchhiker's guide through galaxy" with time traveling gear, available to everyone, people brought same technological breaks into every time, and every time looked more or less the same, like most metropolis today are very similar.

So, when we learned what we could from seeing what is visible, we started developing on what we learned, building on that knowledge.

Everything we have is updated or inspirited by something else we saw or read

This is how we can buy apartments, houses on sea, plan world record breaking projects, exhibit in four countries at the same time, have parties and socialize every weekend, live comfortably of just our managing skills and spread the net of friends - we learned from others, while simultaneously developing our own procedures and solutions. Imagine that you are part of community that makes conventions for 150-200 people, and all is paid, from where ever you arrive from. Parallel would be that your trip to Fan Weekend Skaerbaek - you plane ticket or gasoline and road tax are paid, your hotel in Skaerbaek is paid, everything you eat or drink is paid, all tours you potentially make are paid, everything regarding AFOL nights diners and drinks and parties are paid - and you have possibility to get some present if you are lucky to be drown out of a hat. This is what we are able to do, without giving our own money, or having to slave so it happens - it is a joy. And only pure joy, with people doing only as much as it makes them happy

It supersedes LEGO bricks as a starting point - it becomes a way of life, with extra insurance that, if something unforeseen happens, your group will be there to cover you, you will never be alone, and you will never be scared, or neglected, or doubtful - you have a larger body of people that you can turn for advice and support

It all starts with observing others, thinking about what they say or do, talking about how it could be better, or why their procedure is better, and building on that knowledge

If you want all of this, emotional perks, social perks, financial perks, character perks - I suggest starting with contributing to others. And best way to do it is to identify something you and your community think you are doing that brings results, writing how you do it and posting it here or anywhere online

Share what you have, especially experience and ideas - this is a sky rocket way to growing and success, by our experience

Please note that everything written is my personal opinion and general opinion of community I represent. There are multiple ways of achieving greatness, and there are numerous definitions of what greatness is - if you have similar view as we do, this is a first step - sharing your knowledge and experiences