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Hi friends

Today I will talk about our tool kits.

Tool kit is a box with various tools that we could use during event setups. We have different type of boxes (different size, same type actually:) And starting from smallest, that fit in hand or a bag and are for small events with nothing but scalpers and scotch to biggest, who have enough in them for a person to survive a week lost in mountains :)

I will explain every item and why we do need it when I encounter it for the first time, later, if I encounter the same item, I will just name it. Explanation will be in italic :)

Every Teamleader organize toolkits for their teams, so IT toolkit and PR toolkits do vary a lot. I will showcase my own teamkit, being Event coordinator Teamleader

We, Event coordinators, have travel toolkits and home toolkits - first one being for events abroad. So let's start with them:

Travel toolbox: Image description


left lid: Image description

  • .1. Medicine of various kind, usually for travel sickens, headache and similar - if we are working for a week, it is important to have some antibiotics, C vitamin and similar things that can patch us up until we return to country or city - having to deal with medicine workers outside of your country can be pricey and time consuming
  • .2-4. Various technics pins - you can never have enough of those, as they tend to drop and roll under tables during setup
  • .5. Blades for scalpers - instead of buying new scalpels, we tend to reuse them just changing blades - a very easy process
  • .6. Nail clipper - very useful if there is a unscheduled meeting or nail gets broken during setup

right lid: Image description

  • .1. assortment of tweezers - tool that every AFOL setup needs to have, helps with small parts that get broken and lost inside complicated mocs
  • .2. Soft tissue healing ointment - helps with skin irritation
  • .3. Extra batteries - for battery lamps, mp3 players, scale etc.
  • .4. Various medicine (C vitamin, headache medicine etc._
  • .5. Simple bandage - for first aid
  • .6. Libel (leveling tool) - for being sure tables and structures are leveled
  • .7. Light brick - for fun :)

middle lid: Image description

  • .1. Band-Aid - for first aid
  • .2. Wet wipes for glasses - great for any glass area
  • .3. Skin care cream - because we are precious and like to feel like princesses :)

Inside, lower and upper deck: Image description Image description let start from lower deck: Image description

  • .1.Gloves for handling glass and plexyglass - for setting up displays
  • .2. Extra clean underwear and shirt - if there is a surprise visit from a client or a crush
  • .3. Extra white papers plus instructions regarding setup - extra paper for writing and extra notes
  • .4. Soft tissue medical ointment
  • .5. Toilet paper - you never know if the venue has one in the moment you need one
  • .6. Mouse (one socket divider, adds extra slots for electricity) - having few extra sockets is always needed
  • .7. Extra pads for shoes - for easier stand, we use those for prolonged standing (on the picture are usual ones, because the good ones are in the shoes :)
  • .8. Extra ziplocks - for storage
  • .9. Scotch tape - dominantly for packing boxes
  • .10. Extra strong armored scotch tape - for closing one side of our custom cardboard boxes, one that never opens
  • .11. Various phone chargers with cables, including one extra long (3m) - no matter how many people travel, you need one charger more, and extra long cable so you can work in bad, or table while charging
  • .12. Clean towel - especially for face
  • .13. Extra pair of clean socks - just in case
  • .14. Battery charger - for charging AA and AAA batteries
  • .15. Antidust masks - dust can be a big issue if there is no ventilation, or it is working poorly
  • .16. Talk for shoes - se we smell like roses :)
  • .17. Various medicines for nose, ears and eyes - first aid from irritation

Upper deck: Image description

  • .1. Very long pincers - so we can reach inside 60cm+ creations, usually to get cables
  • .2. Scotch tape
  • .3. Clippers
  • .4. Screwdrivers - always needed
  • .5. Battery lamp - when we need to "peer" into creations, where it is usually dark
  • .6. Scalpers
  • .7. Headache medicine
  • .8. Meter
  • .9. Permanent marker - we usually use them for markings on our custom made cardboard boxes
  • .10. Dust brush - for dust removal from mocs
  • .11. Separators - a must have tool for setups
  • .12. Business cards - you never know who will walk in while you setup
  • .13. Extra bricks (for support)
  • .14. Wet handkerchief - ideal for more stubborn dirt
  • .15. Paper for used chewing gums - because we are not savages :)
  • .16. Deodorant - smelling good is a must, as we get in contact both between ourselves while we work, and with clients, accidental visitors, AFOL friends visits etc.
  • .17. Sweat catcher (i don't know the word, tennis players have them routinely) - because setting up is hard :)
  • .18. Paper block

Home box toolkits: Image description Image description Home box 3 (small):

lids - assortment of various pins, axle and similar Image description inside, upper and lower deck: Image description

all together: Image description

  • .1. Scotch tape
  • .2. Deodorant
  • .3. Blades for scalpers
  • .4. Graphite pen
  • .5. Tweezers
  • .6. Separators
  • .7. Smallest screwdriver
  • .8. Permanent markers
  • .9. Scalpers

Home box 2 (medium): Image description Left lid: Image description

  • .1. Banner hangers - original LEGO, ideal for hanging banners
  • .2. Extra cables
  • .3. Strong empty bags
  • .4. Normal empty bags
  • .5. Left stickers

Right lid: Image description

  • .1. Extra pins
  • .2. Junk
  • .3. Headache medicine
  • .4. Sharpeners for graphite pens - as they can be used and reused
  • .5. Ziplock bag
  • .6. Card holder strip

Middle lid: Image description bunch of extra pins, axle etc.

Lower and upper deck: Image description

Together: Image description

  • .1. Normal handkerchief
  • .2. Toilet paper
  • .3. Clean towel
  • .4. Wet wipes for glasses
  • .5. Wall cable holders
  • .6. Serious Play duck - I use this in my Serious Play pitch, and more than often I tend to pitch during setup
  • .7. Paper stick glue
  • .8. Permanent makers
  • .9. Pencils
  • .10. White oil marker - great for dark areas, black, brown and similar, where our "normal" colors can't be distinguished
  • .11. Caliper - for drawing circles and measurements
  • .12. Cloth pincer
  • .13. Separators
  • .14. Very sharp small scissors
  • .15. Battery pack for mobile phones
  • .16. Compass - because more than often we get turned around in the city or venue
  • .17. Extra battery pack
  • .18. Scotch tape and isolating tape
  • .19. Thin strong rope
  • .20. Extra light bulb
  • .21. A cup
  • .22. Wet wipes for hands
  • .23. Name card holders
  • .24. Sewing kit with all accessories - including needles and miniature scissors
  • .25. Wooden graphite pencils for coloring
  • .26. Head strap light - practical when you need your hands to be free, and you need lighting
  • .27. Stretch tape
  • .28. Unbreakable one way plastic ties in various sizes - very useful for hanging banners, connecting things and generally useable tool
  • .29. Clips
  • .30. Business Cards
  • .31. Jeweler's scale - perfect for sorting
  • .32. Electric connectors - for electric connections
  • .33. Branded cup pads

Home box 1 (large) Image description Middle lid: Image description a bunch of extra pins, axle etc.

Left lid: Image description

  • .1. Banner holders
  • .2. Lightbrick and bricks
  • .3. Card holder strip
  • .4. Screws
  • .5. Engraved bricks

Right lid Image description

  • .1. Separators
  • .2. Tweezers
  • .3. Screws
  • .4. Card holder strip
  • .5. Pins

Lower and upper deck: Image description

Together: Image description

  • .1. Banner holders
  • .2. Multiple chargers - one can charge up to four mobile at the same time
  • .3. Multiple different clovers
  • .4. Block of empty paper
  • .5. LEGO logo stickers (for internal fun use)
  • .6. Band-Aid
  • .7. Assortment of screwdrivers, including "glimerica", for electricity flow identification
  • .8. Rotating disco bulb - because you never know when we will make a party :)
  • .9. Scotch tape
  • .10. Headache medicine
  • .11. Separators
  • .12. Extra pins
  • .13. Silver armored duck tape
  • .14. Wire cutting pincers
  • .15. Scissors
  • .16. Meter
  • .17. Scalpel blades
  • .18. Phone charger
  • .19. Card name holders
  • .20. Assortment of various size clippers
  • .21. Very strong clippers
  • .22. Business cards
  • .23. Assortment of drawings for coloring
  • .24. Very strong, long metal wire

There it is :) If you can make one deduction from this list, is that we tend to have headache frequently, and we like to smell good while we work :)

Joking aside, these types of boxes are life savers, and we have been using them for years. We transport them with our creations, and every Teamleader tends to "fill it" after it has been use for some time.

We see them as "common goods", they do not belong to anyone in particular, but we all care for them like they are ours. Each teamleader tends to personalize toolkits of his/hers own team (like for mine, you can see my business cards everywhere), or preferences (PR and IT teams have mostly electronic tool kits, and logistic teams put more focus on tools - creative team has mostly bricks in their toolkit, etc.)

Do you have your own toolkits? Show them, write what you are using, and perhaps we can enrich our owns with some good ideas :)

Have a great week and see you soon ;)

Image description