Belgrade LUGs United is organized by a team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!


Email: pr@beokocka.rs
Structure of Beokocka

We decided to share structure of Beokocka, as it could be inspiration for clubs struggling with it.

Ambassador (1 person) - is a one person of contact with the LEGO Company, as it was original idea. With time, the role of ambassador become befriending new communities, especially establishing firm connections after the initial connection made by his Right Hand. Ambassador leads, inspires and use his/hers charisma to keep the team spirit and pack mentality, knowing name, preferences and thoughts of every member, and can speak about deepest personal subjects with any member. Ambassador must be intelligent, deductive, strong and charismatic.

In truth, the ambassador is more of a host, the owner of the house you visit, who makes you feel like at home, and like a father, who is there for support and when in doubt.

Right Hand (1 person) of ambassador - in current state of affair, our ambassador (me) have short fuse when bad and disgusting people are in question. Squashing bad people is not political solution, and there comes the Right Hand of ambassador - not charismatic but phlegmatic person who can handle even the most awful people with smile and political correctness. He usually steps up when he notices that people are doing something bad or petty and see that I am losing my patience.

In general, Right Hand is the facto ambassador of the club, to everyone else expect TLG

Left Hand (1 person) of the ambassador is a person who deals with problem makers, rule twisters and entities that seek to make harm on community as a whole or community member. At the moment, she is a person of utter determination, solid stone will and great influence. She is, in truth, the force of nature. She works behind the scenes with her small team, allowing the rest of us not to handle petty bickering that can happen among AFOLs. She has unlimited diapason of practices she can use, and she has only one goal: protecting community from bad people or bad acts.

In truth, she is the guardian or enforcer of the community will. It had never happened that client didn't paid it's dues or AFOL group spreading damaging acts that didn't stop after she talked with them. As a note, I believe the half of the club is in love with her, and the other club is a little scared from her. One thing is sure - no one in our community will never ever resell support, and maybe it is because they adore TLG, or they are simply afraid of Left Hand of ambassador, either way, the result is there. Left Hand of ambassador has a team of two, named Fingers. They help with chores and tasks.

Right and Left Hand are there to further the reach of Ambassador, each in its own respective ways

Operational director (1 person) - also called Axle - is a person that talks with entities about donations that make everyday operations of club possible. She organizes fund raising nights and simply collects funds we need for projects and similar. She is also responsible for arranging talks about new projects, both nationally and internationally

In a way, Axle is ambassador to business and ambassadorial part of national community. She is often seen on cocktail nights on embassies, political parties, business networking and similar. She is well averse in political and court type of conversing. She is a former employee of one of the embassies we worked with. This position was made directly for her, and it is a question if we will continue to have it after she leaves, if she decides to do so.

Team Leaders (12 persons)- are club members who ascended from team members by their will or strength, intelligence or just leading capabilities. They lead teams of various tasks (like logistics, creative, PR, social and similar). They take all responsibility for a project or task the team is working on, and can make decisions of vital importance on spot. Team leader can alter, change, or even dismiss a project if they so see it as fit. They can operate as completely independent decision makers as the community learned to trust their decisions, and it is important to make decisions on spot.

It is common practice to have team leaders meetings where we discuss those decisions, what could have been done better and reflect, so we are more ready for future decision making. You can learn more about Teams, Team Leaders and Team members on our Meet us page (link)

Team Members (37 persons)- are community members who express desire to more actively take part in club, as part of teams, led by Team Leaders.

Spiders (4 persons) - are group of members specialized in PBB sorting. They can sort anything else, but they can go through 20 PBB boxes sorting them to a brick within a day. They are not team per se and do not have a team leader. They are stationed inside our main city, inside our country.

Traders (4 persons)- are not members who trade :) Traders ( play with words on Serbian) are members who sort, pack and ship our large scale LugBulk, ProjectBulk, dark sellers, re-sellers, PaBnet and bricklink purchasings. They are a highly skilled small team who can re-sort and pack the whole lugbulk within two days (they could do it in one if not all the drinking and laughing:) They are not team per se and do not have a team leader. They are stationed outside of our country, because of the easy access to the EU market.

Club members (297 persons) - are all AFOls who expressed desire to become part of the club. They have no obligations, but can take part of any club action or activation, including support, PaBnet etc. We have no membership and no duties, like guarding mocs on events and carrying stuff. We tend to cut all the jobs by smart evolving (displays for protection, for example, hired strongman for carrying, etc.) so members can have maximum time for socializing and having fun. There are no obligations regarding how much they are active, they are always part of us until they express desire not to be.

Among these people who are part of the club, club has a great and frequent cooperation with these people or entities who are not members of our community, but essential for our activities:

  • accountant (1 person) - inside club called Mother- everything that we do goes through papers, and we have almost daily contact with our accountant regarding the legality and correct way of doing things. This has made as a strong power regarding commercial deals, as we do know how to do everything legally, and with least possible costs
  • lawyer (1 person) - inside club called Hammer - although accountant was able to give us legal advices on everything and regarding everyone, it failed when TLG LLO are in questions, so we hired a specialized economic lawyer to be present with our talks with LLO(s) in countries we exhibit in. This is a protection from bulling with legal terms and legal talk from any entity, and also an absolute shield of damages of law ignorance. She is very experienced, very sharp and what we approach with fear, she laughs at and fix with two sentences.
  • marketing advisor (1 person) - inside club called Omni - for decade we are working with one international marketing firm that has connections and vast marketing network, including immense experience and knowledge. We use them as advisors and contacts to any clients who desire large scale projects.
  • logistical advisor (1 person) - inside club called The Wheel - is a person with network of trucks we use when our trucks are indispensable. We made connections with his drivers, his loaders and it is easy process to prepare all documents, as we have done it so many times in the past

Inside club, for leadership we have Ambassador, for polished ambassadoring we have Right Hand, for protection we have Left Hand, for various tasks we have teams with Teams consistent from Team members led by Team Leaders. For funds we have the Axle. For sorting we have Spiders and Traders. Outside the community, for national legal advice we have accountant (Mother), for international we have a lawyer (Hammer), for extra logistics we have Wheel, and for marketing advisement we have Omni.

Forum members, Facebook page members and similar we don't count anywhere, we call them Visitors.

We are more or less covered fully so we can function having all day fun on the beach, or taking part of multimillion national education program.

Nothing is forever, and we know our structure will crumble at some point. We are avoiding this by constantly evolving

When we started the club, we had ambassador, president and vice president, treasurer and core group, probably what is comity to others. With time, we realized this old way of leading things cannot handle our rate of growth and our radical ideas, so we had to evolve

For reference, we are a community of 300+ strong, at moment of writing this article we are exhibiting in four different countries (Romania, Poland, Croatia and Serbia) simultaneously with more than 4000 m2 of creations, with fifth country in plans (Spain) we have dozens of tables, hundreds of cloth in different colors, hundreds of lamps, dozens of lighted displays, 0.5 T of Play bricks, 8 original LEGO Play tables, almost 200 events, club sea house, club river barge, three club vans and in few years, hopefully flats for part of club members, with our own gallery for cultural events. We made seven conventions with clubs from 15 countries visiting (GRC, BGR, ROU, HUN, SER, HRV, SLV, AUT, GER, DNK, BRA, BIH, MNE, POL, GBR), we exhibited in 7 countries (ROU, HUN, HRV, PRT, SLK, POR, HUN) (BGR and ASP to be added in 2019). We work with LLO, CLS(s) and been part of several TLG projects. We are involved in dozens of CSR projects and have been addressed as "angels with bricks" in local media regarding our humanitarian events. We constantly travel, make parties and meetups, beerstormings and just celebrating. Membership is free and there are no obligations, points, scores and similar regarding community members. We have, become, in every sense of the word, independent to do whatever we want (within the law, of course:) whenever we want it in a way we desire, providing, in a process, a financial, emotional and social stability for most of our members who decided they needed it, and wanted to get more active with involvement.

And everything was made from scratch - we made our first event on three tables and 10 buckets of bricks :)

For more information you can check our site.

Please note that this structure is working for us, it may or may not work for you. One of main prerequisite for any success in structured community is strong connection, feeling of belonging, pack mentality and ties and trust in decision making in person who make decisions. Good leaders are made, not born, by my experience. Focus, determination, charisma and intelligence are great feats for a community as a goal.

Hopefully we will learn even more from communities around the world, and together, all of us, will be able to make a mold that fits all our needs