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Stained Glass Minifig

Craig Mortensen shared his experience with making stained glass with LEGO minifig motive: 1 Stained glass Lego minifig is now installed! Its new home is in the Sierra Foothills of California (Gold Country) Image description 2 It starts out as a design on paper. I have an additional sheet of paper used to cut out the shapes for each piece. Image description 3 After each piece is cut and ground, it's soon ready for copper foiling and soldering. Image description 4 I don't have a picture of the copper foiling for the minifig, but here's an example of my copper foiling on another stained glass piece I did. Image description 5 Again, on another piece as an example, I place the zinc frame around the edges for support. After soldering, I add a black petina (chemical) to the solder joints and frame. Otherwise, the joints between the glass pieces would stay a silver color. Some people like the silver color. I prefer the black color the distinguishes each piece. Image description