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Setup Tutorial

In April, we are spreading our creativity to another country. In there, we will have brand new teamleader and setup team. Unfortunalty, both leader and team are very green. I let them take point on event few weeks ago, and it was a total mess. So, I went trough pictures and reports, and decided to make a set-up tutorial for them and any new team in the future.

I will share it here, maybe someone could use it.

Please note that our setup teams are made of two or four people, depending on event. In this case there are only two of them, as it is low priority event (< 1000 m2), easy to setup and manage

These are internal notes, so I could have direct or more sturdy tone, you can adjust it to suit your needs.

Hy guys, hope this will help to reduce setup time and help with the time used for events. Here are some tips:

  • First, set up tables, before you bring anything from cars. Cloth also.
  • second, bring boxes to where the dioramas will sit. Unopened boxes, place them where dioramas will be placed, on the floor or table near
  • third, now set up some fences - to close yourself away from curious passing people, there are always some. Leave some gaps so you can move
  • always keep the are clean - when you take set from box, put the empty box on a pile of empty boxes - don't let them lie around, they get in the way. From time to time take empty boxex into the van. Remember - client is also watching setting up routine trough cameras, and it is important to look proffesional
  • if you drop a full box or it is moc is broken in transport, leave that moc for end.
  • make all cloth ends that fall of table to be in one line. If it is not possible, try to make it as much as you can to be parallel with ground. Don't use more then 1-2 min per table per cloth. Anything over is too much. There are many tables. If it gives you trouble - leave it and go to another table
  • General thumb of rule - if anything is giving you trouble - leave it for the other guy and go to another diorama.
  • have two sets of scalpers and or scissors on table for each person. Don't share, it takes time. It is good practice to keep scalper in back pocket of jeans or pants. Always close your scalper when you finish cutting. Never place open scalper on table. Never handle open scalper, and when handling scissors, hold the blade.
  • do not pack tools until job is done. Tools are packed at the end, setup or tearing down alike. Keep your tools on one place so it is easy for everyone in team to find them


  • when you setup, setup with chair. Or your back will hurt.
  • start on one diorama and finish it 100% before transitioning to another one.
  • start from smaller ones, so you have some things finished. After two, or three 1x2, do the biggest one.
  • Spread out. One person one diorama, second person second. Work together only when four hands are needed. Try to talk as little as possible, as it take attention from the other person.
  • Chichat prolongs setup up to a 1/3 by our reasearch (we measured:)
  • In malls, setup never starts before 22h. Be ready with all things unloaded and near the entrance door inside the building. People will continue to pass until 23, 23:30h. Take care of things, put boxes on tables, put fences and then start setting up. If someone comes to see, it is ok, but keep an eye on touchers and stealers (your personal things should be in the middle of boxes, out of any reach)
  • your time should be: 15 minutes for 1x2, 30 minutes for 2x4, 60 min for city
  • put everything on diorama. If you leave wings in the box, it will not be as beautifull. Small parts, mroe or less, but big beautifull parts - never leave them out. If you have a doubt, contact me via cell or viber, I am always available during setup, I have ascheadule and I keep tract of these things. You can always relay on me (you have a friend in me, tralalala you have a frieeeend in meeee:)
  • It is just ok to contact me to show me how beautiful things look - some of dioramas you setup are unique and first time showed, so it would be great to see them - it is ok to contact me whenever in doubt, or just to break the silence. Make contact :)
  • unpacking and packing should be done in pairs (two persons) - one pulls out (put in) moc, other holds the box. This is paramount, as many creations fits the box perfectly, one person taking out changes angles of the box and things get brocen. It's a stone rule - two persons take mocs out of box and pack them.
  • scalper should always be visible on table near where you work
  • set up where the mocs will be placed - do not carry them around - caring only in boxes
  • don't fold empty boxes, keep them formed. Put them in van as if they are full. Don;t put them one in another never. Keep them alive, they are most valuable tool for exhibitor. If they get wet, they will be destroyed. Try not to put them on dirty floors.
  • for transport - if it is not in the box - it does not go to exhibit
  • e person set up, other person (driver) goes to bed at 24:00, no exceptions. He/she is up at 08 to cover first shift
  • general: never let your things lying around - bag, laptop, camera, cell. In malls, stealing can happen both during events, and during setup - teardown.
  • never let exhibit unintended. Kid and adults alike tend to take (kids to play, adults to steal) - result is the same - we are out of bricks. One Rancorn is 50 EUR plus shipping. Absolute rule, one person from team must be present with mocs at all times
  • "please do not touch" signs are not preferred. Only when a client asks for them, otherwise I suggest you don't use them, they send a wrong msg. We have fences for that.
  • do not forget to take pictures. Do not rely on venue to do it, they could not, or the pictures could get misplaced - do pictures for our needs, bot during setup and during event. At home, open new folder, named like this: date (year, moth, date - 17.04.22) city and name of venue (17.04.22. Timisoara, Shopping City). Please send all pictures to the base in folders every three months, so we can add them to the PR machine. Try to catch the club LOGO in at least one picture, and have at least one picture with everything exhibited on it. Details are also welcomed, visitors enjoying also.


  • When tearing down, first pack everything, then load into van.
  • be careful when transporting at the end, muscles are tired, focus is off, boxes tend to fall. We need weeks to fix breaks happened in load/unload of van - they are the most damaging ones.
  • After van is loaded, take another stroll through venue area and check if something is missed
  • Ideally, have a list of boxes and check what is unloaded - loaded - this will make process little longer (10 min), but you will have clear picture that nothing is forgotten
  • Area should remain clean - no papers, cardboard scraps, scotch tape remains etc - nothing should stay after we leave.
  • drive safely, especially last 20 km, most accidents happen at the end of drive, in last 15-20 km

  • have fun :)

Follow these rules and you will have exhibits much easier to handle. Hope to see you soon, stay in touch, and don't forget to smile :)

by Ivan Angeli