Belgrade LUGs United is organized by a team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!


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My daily routine

My daily routine with few notes on business managing

I have a tendency to sleep as much as my body require. But, for some odd reason, I wake up every morning at the same time, unless there is a celebration

First thing I do is get up, and make my bed. I have read somewhere it gives you a sense of accomplishment at start of the day - and it is true, you feel like you done something useful already

After bathroom and all that it requires, which usually take around 10 minutes, including shower, I have a cup of tea. Just one, and in it I put natural honey that I get from a friend for whom I am sure she doesn't use sugar or anything unnatural, and I get tea from an old lady that lives near the forest and has been making tea for 100 years now (more or less:)

Special note: I can get that honey for all who come to Lugs United, send me a pm and I will give more info. This is not commercial, this is a favor.

While tea is getting colder, I exercise. Not much, but I do it every morning. If you don't know what to do, start small, (read about Kai Zen philosophy (link), and start with 5 (10, 20) situps in bed. After some time add pushups or other exercises (you can find a ton of good advices on net, and, if there is desire, we can discuss this on next convention)

I drink the tea (I hate very hot beverages, I need it to cool, and it is precisely the time that I exercise), and I sit to work - I have a workstation in house.

I work on planning things - my brain is doing better early in the morning, and this is the time I go through plans, for any of the firms I own. I go over procedures, timetables and the rest what should be done. If there isn't any deadlines (usually there are none) I work as much as it feels good, making a break for breakfast - not more then one hour after I woke up. I actually have set alarm on my phone to ring at 08:00 to remind me

Eating breakfast is very important, it gives you energy, and you don't have a need to eat in the evening, when it accumulates as fat in your body easier. I try to eat as healthy as I can, but I settle for what's in the fridge :) I use small plates, as it looks like I filled them to the top, so I don't put as much as I used to (I need to get my weight under control, and it is a lengthy process, because I didn't watch it for a decade)

My work is: managing accounting firm, or managing event managing firm, or managing club. I tend to lose the line between fun and work, as I don't like to work on something that isn't excelerating or interesting (or creative). That is why when I build, even for a job (humanitarian exhibit, for example), I still consider it hobby

I have a theory that the only resource I really have is time, and I look everything trough it - how much time will I spend on doing something I don't enjoy, and I try to put this at minimum. I also believe the money is great tool, but awful goal, meaning it is great to have money, it helps with everything and it provides means to have fun or evolve (both business and personally), but when it becomes a goal, it envelops you. That literary means that, if I don't have a goal (I need money for new apartment or sea house or a car or new pluming) I work minimum, just to keep firms afloat so I can get them working in full strength when there is need for large sum of money. I tried to make my firms in a way that they always bring some amount of funds on a monthly basis, and that is more than enough for comfortable life, without need of me getting involved, unless there is an issue - and rarely is one that people who work for me can't handle.

You know how they say keep business and private (friendships and friends) apart? My experience say otherwise: if you choose your skillful and longtime friends and incorporate them in your business, ones that you can have a big amount of confidence in, you get so much extra from them, especially during brainstorming. And my friends feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity, and have relationship towards my business like it is their own.

I also have few more philosophies: I give them paycheck in advance (meaning, for December they will get paid on 05.12.) - logic was simple, I would have given them the same amount of money anyway, just for the month they work - and like this, it makes a great psychological effect - and I only had to give one extra, at the beginning, and it was years ago - and they still feel very enthusiastic, being paid in advance. I also don't have working time (officially, it is from 09:15, I have switched to 6h per day few years ago), but workers have daily tasks, and after they finish them, they go home. When we have an extra volume of work, they have no problem staying however much is needed, to finish it. This makes them happy, and they see I value their time - so they give an extra effort when we really need it.

We also have a ton of teambuilding's, like lunch, dinner, party, roadtrips etc. I did at my job the same I did at the club I am part of - I try to make them more socially connected, and to make them friends. I don't know if this will work for you, but it works wonders for me and my business's working atmosphere. My workers have become friends outside work, they support each other

From my experience, gender is not a factor: females are same skilled or bad as males. So gender should never be a factor, unless your business works with either needs for short bursts of much power, like loading 50 kg boxes in truck, 500 boxes per day (males are better for this), or needs for long use of smaller amount of power, like walking long distance with papers for clients (females are better for this) - the difference is in musculature. Funny enough, one of our best loaders is female, and one of our best couriers is a male, so, nothing is set in stone.

Team leading, analytic procession, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, team playing etc. - from my experience, this is not depending on gender, but on skills of every individual, and is equally good or bad for both genders.

Diversity is great, if in your brainstorming team you have an architect, artists, engineer and psychologist you will have more viewpoints and more ideas, as well as more solutions. Forced diversity is a bad concept for business, so don't try it - having someone just because of his sexual orientation or color of skin is not best option, by my own experience - pick a person that is most skilled for the job, and don't include race, gender, sexual orientation and other things. Age is a great source of experience, and has it's plus and minuses.

Failing is a natural process of going to success, and road to success is not a straight line in 99.99% of case, which would probably be both you and me. So, when you fail, restructure and try to win on other field, learning from the failure. And sometimes it can look you are failing, but in truth you are just preparing for success, and the example is club I represent: we were groomed (by our opinion) to be next possible Fan Weekend, and we were influenced (in a very professional and non-pushing way) to improve on our structure and logistics - and we have invested almost all of our resources on this. Alas, it didn't work out, and then we were left with no license - and with so many resources spent. I considered this a failure. But, our accomplishment in structure and logistics was visible, and acknowledged both by TLG and other persons and firms that approached us - as we were the only ones in the region who could pull their projects out. These projects equipped us with more experience and more resources so we could again move and evolve, becoming better and better, to the point where we can buy our own space, buy our own transport vehicles, our own socializing facilities (club sea house, raft) and don't depend on anyone. Today, we get a call for collaboration at least once per week, and we refuse 90% of them - we do what seems fun, and just give them contacts from other clubs if we don't feel like working.

So, back to the daily routine: while I work, if there is no deadline, I tend to work as much as it feels good, and when it stops, I play a TV show, or a movie, or play a game, or build. This is how I do most of my tasks, little of this, little of that, and it works like a charm, and I am always interested in a task - if a task is super interesting, I can work it until I can't work no more :) I always try to intervene work and pleasure, work and play, so it is more pleasureful to work, and in many instances I don't consider it as such.

I tend to work not more than three to four days per week, and instead of working I build or write or do something fun with loved ones. In those days, instead of sitting and working after tea, I sit and build. Or go out with loved ones (friends, girlfriends, family)

three hours after breakfast I eat some fruit, three hours after that a lunch, three hours after that a snack and three hours after that a dinner. I hate schedule, but this is something I must do if I want to see results. I don't know (or judge) how it is for others, for me, my overweight is a sign of weakness and lack of will, as it is not product of health problems (I still play on tournaments:), but a product of laziness and hedonistic way of life, including eating habits

When meetings are in question, I always put them for 17:00 and after, if possible, when they are lunch meetings. When they are not, I tend to always schedule them for end of working day, 14, 15, 16h

Evening I usually spend with loved ones, on meetups, live concerts, pubs or whatever

Friday is the day we all meet up and have fun. On Saturday and Sunday I tend to go to the swimming pull where I play with my sports team. Saturday evening is the night we all tend to go out, both sport team or LUG team or team from the neighborhood. If we are lucky there is a live concert, if not, we do whatever - as long as we are together, it is a ton of fun.

I tend to do at least one uplifting thing per month (theater (not cinema, theater), classic concert, book reading, visiting an art gallery - something that is different from my usual life style. I live 5 minutes from the lake and river, and 10 minutes from the forest, so it is easy for us to find great spots for socializing. I believe we are social beings, and being part of the group is very important for us to function. I also love my solitude and in my apartment, I have a "workroom" but it is actually a room where I can run away from my girlfriends and have a quiet moment for myself. So, in a way, I enjoy both being alone, and both being part of the group, and both situations can give me something.

Studio for building (my personal, not the club one) is fully equipped for life (a large bed, working bathroom with shower, fridge etc.) and in my apartment I have no loose LEGO Bricks - just some display cases with few of mocs, and usually not mine, but gifts from builders all around the world - some of them are here on LAN, as some ambassadors are world class builders, literary Mozarts with bricks :)

Although, maybe this info will also help: I am 40 years old. When I was 30, I decided I will not do anything anymore that doesn't bring me pleasure. So, for four years I was just playing games, build castles from LEGO bricks, read and write books, play my sport (underwater hockey), hang out with friends and spend time with my lovely girlfriends at the time - I closed my firm (it was consulting from raising sales and marketing, but mostly I was fixing close deadline issues for large firms, and the pay was really good), so I had a stash, lovely girlfriend and a pack behind me, and did only pleasure - until I realized that is not what makes me happy. I also stayed without money, I become so unpleasant girlfriend left me, aggressive so pack took a year off, and with one family pack of ice-cream per day, my weight skyrocketed - and I was growing more and more unhappy - It took me a lot of time to really find what makes me flourish - and that is creativity, and goals. And having fun WHILE achieving those.

My next goal is kids, and I have been working on that, while business runs by itself, with just me overseeing it. My white board has 18 projects on it, and I like to plan 5 years in ahead @Zoran can witness to this.

Here is what's on the board:

  1. Mix - everything not fitted for other projects (and in it, notes:
    • Parliament - we are in talks with government to build mural on the wall, from bottom to the ceiling - they buy the bricks and we don't ask for pay, but we ask for some benefits regarding buying our space, and that we keep extra bricks they will buy
    • LEGO escape room (I realize that, when realized this escape rook will have to have different name, but this is how we call it internally) - we will have Escape Room in our Club house :) Like all other escape rooms, just with LEGO - this will be a ton of fun for members, and we will redo the puzzles every now and then, depending on the will and time of members
    • LEGO jewelry - a project we are preparing with kids, making jewelry out of LEGO bricks

no designated team leader

  1. Exhibits - inside country - in here is the list of things we need to do regarding events we make inside country. There are few notes, mostly with dates and holidays, reminders for "100 years of relationship" with other countries, etc.

We also have one event that travels through cities, with 12 cities on the list, and desire to raise it to 24 in 2019. Idea is to have one team, four people, one van, that setup the same event through the year - funds we raise like this goes exclusively into Lugs United - this is how we can cover all of your costs, including hotel, travel, dinners, gifts etc.

Project Leader: Ana (Anchi) - you met Ana, she was in Romania, Croatia, and she was the one on Lugs United's AFOL Party that introduced you to Honey Bunny rakija, that leveled so many of you (I told you to watch out with Serbian drinks and that she has a tolerance you are still to build:)

  1. School - here are notes of our upcoming project for 2019, where we will visit one school per week and make 4 hours program, introducing kids to the joy of playing and learning with LEGO bricks, as well as approaching some important subject (no-violence among same age kids, animal caring, safety when crossing the road, etc.) We are doing this with cooperation with Ministry of Internal Affairs (police), and we will have uniformed police officer who will talk with our members.

Project Leader - Neso (Soneri) - you met him all in Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Lugs United events - he is all over. He is also Right Hand of Ambassador and de facto Ambassador when being politically correct is in question :) Neso is a lawyer, also MENSA member, and one of most experienced members when number of events is in question.

  1. Europe I - this is our large exhibit that travels through Europe, with notes about what we must do regarding logistical tasks. The event is already happening for more than a year, and there is not much to do about it, but still, it requires overseeing

Project Leader: Ivan (Angel)- well, you know me :)

  1. Europe II - this is our upcoming large scale event that will travel through Europe, as we think there is space for it (and for two more, but no need to rush). We are building our creations, and it is scheduled for 2019. Notes are all regarding logistical - schedules, mocs, etc.

Project Leader: Tiny Marko (Tiny) (as we have a member with same name that we call just Marko:) - you have met Tiny Marko (he is actually quite large fellow:) in Zagreb and on Lugs United - he is the one who coordinated all transports and heavy lifting

  1. Belgrade - here are the notes of the large scale event we plan to do in Belgrade in Q4 2019, when we plan to go crazy with scale and make few thousand square meters event, where we would show all of our assets and creativity - notes are mostly with first steps, venue contacts and data, and similar

note: I have proposed that I do in depth analysis of how we organize this large scale event, as there could be few things that could prove useful to other communities regarding our procedures and thought road.

Project Leader: Marko (Jovanca) - You've met Marko on Lugs Uniteds in last few years. He has a PMP (Project Manager Professional) certificate from Project Manager International firm and a ton of experience in project management (he is, at the moment, lead building engineer of a new mall in our city, so, very experienced)

  1. Client A - here are notes of ongoing project with a big client regarding implementing LEGO bricks into working procedures, as well with relationship with clients. There is a special sub-three of notes regarding CSR (Company (we call it community) social responsibility where we influence them to help with socially responsible projects (humanitarian, educational and ecological), and some ideas, like window art project we saw here on LAN)

Project Leader - Tamara - you have met Tamara in Croatia and Hungary and on Lugs United events, she is the one managing Info Desk team (and all other teams regarding members who help visitors, but she can usually be seen hanging near Info Desk)

  1. Projects - inside country - here are notes about various projects we do inside country. A project is done like this: a government makes open call regarding projects, we make one (I have gone through official training to be able to make one, you need to have certificate so you are able to participate), and we get chosen (or not), and then government funds our project.

Project Leader - Ceda (Brka) - you haven't met him yet, but he is one of our most influential Project Leaders, but he spends Septembers at sea. He actually makes all the rakija you tried at Lugs United (lavender, plum and honey, etc.)

  1. TLG - here are notes of all things regarding TLG cooperation, lugbulk, projects, LAN etc.

Project Leader: Ivan (me)

  1. Projects - embassies - here are notes of all projects we do with various embassies, and we found it productive to approach new embassies and talk about things we do - we come on fantastic feedback and we are able to do a ton of things with their support. We tend to have large scale working relationship with only one embassy per year, with constant relationship with Danish embassy, because they are so cool :D

Project Leader: Ivona - you didn't met Ivona, she is relatively new addition to our team, she has the only serious title of all of us - Operational Director. She is deeply skilled with protocol and has fantastic connections - and she is crazy about humanitarian work - she always tears-up whenever we work with kids from vulnerable background - I think that emotional approach is why we love to work with her. She is also similar to me in many instances, and people are talking about making her new ambassador sometimes in the future - and I support it. If you mess up - no problem, just say as soon as possible so we can fix it :) She is also strong, speaks a bunch of languages and she doesn't allow any stupid things or aggression of any kind - she puts her foot down and puts you on a spot with her fantastic rhetoric skills - non can win in a debate with her :) her background with Legal makes it hard to argue with her even more, as she knows laws and can quote them

  1. Patreon - here are notes about our future projects - we want to build something amazing from LEGO bricks, but we can't fund it ourselves - we are thinking of doing it with crowd funding. I can't say more about this project, but when we have something to report, we will go public full scale :)

Project Leader: Jonas (Kovjonas)- you know Jonas from his creations, and through his IT skills - there are few clubs from LAN he has helped with IT issues or projects, and he is a really sweet young guy. He is also instructed to play dumb if pushed to talk about this project, so don't try :) He is a closed safe :D I hope :D

  1. World record - here are notes regarding two of world records we will try to get in 2019 and 2020, mosaic and largest castle. And to be absolutely sure we have it right, we will build tallest castle, largest in surface and largest in number of minifigs involved - and with largest statue on it. We are totally depending on TLG to help us with this project, as it is the only way we can do it - hopefully trough Project support, if we qualify

Project Leader: Srdjan (Bubili)- he is our LEGO magician ("lego" on our language means "to lie down", so he sometimes makes joke and lies down and do tricks and then say "now I am lego magician:) - you've met him in Croatia, Romania and on Lugs United, he made those few tricks on a dinner

  1. Client B - here are notes about our second large scale client and our future project proposals. Idea is to get a large scale space from them for our activities, as they build them.

Project Leader: Jovana (Cica)- you've met Jovana on Lugs United 2018, she is the person from Info Desk, who think she doesn't look good with glasses but can't handle contact lances - she is the one who bumps into things, but always there if you need something

  1. Government - here are notes of our ongoing project(s) with government, one of most important - introducing LEGO Education tools into education - a VERY lengthy process, and one that requires so much political maneuvering, so much, in fact, that we were surprised and had to change Project leaders few times

Project Leader: Ceda (the same one from before)

  1. Clients C and D - these are event managing firms that call us all the time to make their events better. Client C is a serious, large firm with a lot of employees, and client D is small, family business with only few employees - between them, we have access to all kind of possibilities regarding scale and joy.

Project Leader: Bojana (Benka) you've met her on Lugs United, she was part of other LUG that merged with us. She is the one that produce honey mentioned at the beginning of the text

  1. PlayHouse - here are notes of preparing our PlayHouse, I wrote about it in details here on LAN.

Project Leader: Marija (Maraja)- you've met her in Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Lugs United. She is a natural born leader, with only flaw of not knowing English very well. She is de-facto leader of the club, and her kindness and strength is what pushed many projects from standing still to completion. "Better done then perfect" become her favorite phrase, although I am not a fan (because, better take some time and make it worthy of retelling - but no, she is complete opposite:)

Her hobby is building scenography for movies, so she used that practical creativity to oversee some of our more "hands on" tasks

  1. Client G - this is high profile sportsman that we are discussing with regarding projects we plan to do in future, and his involvement in CSR projects of Beokocka

Project Leader: Milan (Milance or the Hair) - you know him from Lugs United events, he is also a sportsman so he has connections and practical ties.

  1. Lugs United - here are notes for upcoming Lugs United 2019 event, and all tasks that needs to be done

Project Leader: Ivan (me)

So there you have it, how we go through our club projects. The important thing is - anyone can say "I had enough, I am out of project" and someone else will chip in, or, if no one desires - we close project (it happens very rarely. Sometimes we share, and two or even more persons lead project.

Beside Projects, we have our normal sections with our Project Leaders, and you can see it on our "members" site page (link)


Ok, back to my daily routine :)

Joking aside, I tend to fully use every moment of my day, but fully using it also means sitting near the river for two hours, listening to music and watching sun bouncing sunrays from the surface of small waves made by boats or birds. I tend to carry my leathery folder with me, and I tend to get a lot of ideas on those quite moments - I really enjoy working like that.

All in all, I spend a lot of time with my friends and family (I have a brother's child age 4 who loves coming to my den and playing with creations on table, and sometimes we go out, just the two of us, and play in the park:), and if I don't consider job a pleasant one - I tend to delegate it or do it as fast as possible, but to still be done with quality. Delegating is a hard thing to do (you don't have control over every aspect of what is done), but it is very rewarding when it shows results, and make tons of savings

Well, I've been jumping from subject to subject, but I had a wonderful morning writing this :)

I tend to have four holidays of two weeks per year, from which I try to spend three on sea - I love sea, beneath and above the surface, and I am happiest if the pack is there with me. I also believe it is very healthy to spend time near sea surface, because of aero salts- if there is a rock where waves break, it is ideal place to read a book of hang out with pack, and you will inhale a ton of really useful and healthy aero salts

In my firm there is always music playing in the background, new workers always say it is hard for them to concentrate, but within weeks they adapt, and having music, especially happy one, does wonders for spirit, I noticed. When I work alone, I tend to put volume really high and sing really loud. It is worth noticing I don't know how to sing - that is why I do it alone :D (actually, the opinions are divided, I think I am natural, but the rest of the world thinks I don't have a clue, so... :)

Music - there is always some music playing in my house or office - only time I shut it down is during meetings or meeting calls. I tend to sing a lot, although I don't know how, but I enjoy it, and it really makes me happier and more eager to work, when I work

Tiding up - making your work space and living space clean and all things moved in cupboards and on shelves makes you feel great psychologically, I don't know why, but I noticed a drastic improvement when workers started tidying their tables at the end of work hours.

I tried to make this text fun to read, with as many useful info that I could put in, anything that came to mind this lovely morning.

One more thing: I also do not believe in internet marketing being essential for a RLUG. We don't sell anything, and we do our reach through conventional marketing network - using internet, yes, but we could do without it. I know for at least dozen of successful LUGs who have only basic online presence. On the other hand, if we were depending on number of visitors (or advertisement on number of clicks, or reach regarding Patreon support), then it would be another story. For now, every investment in online presence was to impress TLG and because we though TLG requires it from us, but then we realized - if we are fantastic surgeon - we don't need to be pretty - we need to be great at operations :) We use Google Photos for internal photo sharing and Viber groups for communication, and believe our focus should be on even more improving of structure and logistics - as you can never be done with evolving those two, never ever, trust me :)

Ok, few more advices: in work, in sports, in life, I always tend to have two friends that are smarter than me. It is good for ego, knowing and being aware that in every conversation he or she is smarter then you, and you aspire to be more referenced, educated and with sturdier logic, and also you do get, from time to time, solutions that you didn't think of, or better versions.

Do believe, stupid friend can do more damage than intelligent enemy or competitor. So, like the quality partner is the third more important thing in the world, more intelligent friends are also fantastic, with same logic.

Browsing through Facebook is the same as browsing through TV channels. Like someone smart said, "it is better to just sit and look in one spot then to overcumber with ton of stupidity over net. Because sitting and watching one spot could be meditation, and overloading on useless info online is mental poisoning"

To succeed, you need to work to achieve a goal. But, for that you need a goal. To make a goal, start with what you desire - it is that simple. It is ok to change desires and goals during life - in fact, it is marker of maturing :)

People tend to ask me "how do you manage everything", not even knowing about the abundance of leisure time. Well, first answer is that I don't have TV set - I throw it out of the house in 2003. and never looked back :) I noticed people tend to loos SO MUCH time just browsing through TV channels, and intimate life just dies if you put TV set in bedroom. Second, I tend to shorten processes for everything, and tend to spent more time today to make a procedure so every day in future, instead of needing three hours to do the same task, I need one. Next, I work only when I feel like it, unless there is a deadline. Next, I tend to choose my battles - I work a lot when there is a goal, and work minimal if there isn't one - this time I feel my time is well spent. Next, I have a lot of battery recharged with my interactions with my pack and loved ones. Next, not to make every day the same, I try to have as many off-house activities as possible. Next, I tend to keep my body strong - like I mentioned, after all that excess fat I still have very strong muscles - I still play on tournaments, and win :) Still, extra weight takes a tool and I am not that fast or with same stamina as 10 years ago - and years do not have to do much with this - but just extra weight I have to carry around. Like I mentioned, for me, and my case, it is sign of weakness, and for others it can be the same, or health issue, or choice - I don't know and I don't get involved, it is a personal thing. Next, money, for me, is a tool - this release me of so much stress. If I spend money on joy or betterment (evolving, professionally or spiritually) it is a great spent. There is a saying I love to say to my pack when they crush a car or make something stupid but get out of it unhurt and with just fine or some costs "the cheapest experiences in life are those you can pay with money". If I land money to friends of family, I say "land", but in my mind I think "gave". This way I don't get all "dark one" when date of return passes. I believe that focus of a person should be health, peace of mind, love, joy and caring for kids. Everything else is tool for those tasks. If you add betterment, you have all you need. I also tend to enjoy what I have and not lose too much mind on what i don't have - with working to get that what I don't have. This means I am not utterly unhappy because Angelina Jolie is with Brad Pit and not with me (although I met her in embassy in 2000 and fallen hopelessly in love with her crazy spirit and mischief mind:), I focus on girl next door who is smart and strong and has a smile that light up the room. I don't feel sad that I am not on Barbados - I go to the perfect beaches of Greece. And so one - happiness is state of mind - if you think you are happy - you are happy

I measure how much my life is worth like this: putting all good moments on one side of scale, all bad on other, and all neutral (when you work all day without emotions) I disregard - and then see how much good days I had - and this is how I can value the value of my life. Not by books I wrote or lives I saved (or books I've burnt and lives I took), but with amount of good days vs bad days. Keep in mind that humanitarian things you do keeps you proud till the end of your days, so they are great, especially as you help someone transit from bad day to a happy one :)

I do believe that anyone who tries to take me peace of mind or happiness deserves no quarter, and should be made as an example for others who desire to do so (not all people are good, some will try to take your happy day just because they have a bad one), but once the words go out that, if you are that kind of person and tries to color a good day with bad colors to you, you will make next thousand for him blackest bad as he can imagine, people will think twice before doing something bad - this is why laws are there, most people don't do bad things because they are afraid of punishment (although there are good people who don't do bad things because it is bad, and they won't do it, laws or not) - surround yourself with those kind of people, with happy people. Not smart of strong - happy, good people, and you will be good.

Well, this is ten pages for today, and I hope you will have a great day today :) I dah enough of writing, so I will close this, and do spellchecking later, so who know when (or if) I will post it on LAN, but know that I had a lot of pleasure writing this :) I hope you will have some reading it, and if something sticks and help in the future - fantastic :)

Have a wonderful, happy day, friends :) If you need me, click me - I am one Viber or WhatsUpp phone call away, and I am here for all of you, TLG personnel included :)