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Managing club documents

Managing club documents - guide

Hi guys :) Managing a club could be a complicated thing, especially if we are not keeping things tide.I will show you how I keep all computer files regarding club, to what it evolved in last couple of years:

First, Beokocka has its own folder. I keep practice of not keeping more than 8 folders in one folder, unless really particular

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folders: Carina - customs related documents

Dokumenta razno - documents

Izlozbe - exhibits related documents

Lugbulk - everything for lugbulk

potpisi logo - signs and logo (many times I have to sign something and scan it - I just use already scanned sign or sign with stamp - put it on a word document, if I need to positioned it I put the picture being on top of everything (one option) and then save as PDF. This way it can't be told if it was scanned - as in studio I don't have scanner.

Projekti - projects, all info

Support - everything connected with support

let's check each folder:

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In here, as every shipping agency has different set of documents, I keep every template, including divisions of DHL, SCHENKER, Serbian post etc

Important folder is "potrebna dokumenta" where I keep the newest templates - with and without already inserted sign and stamp, also divided in folders with all the legal entities our club has evolved through

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Ok, step back, folder documents:

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all documents are divided per years - when I made them. Also, there is a folder for "Rest", things that are not related to years, or I don't know when I made them.

Events - pictures of events, also divided by years. Same goes for Lugbulk, subfolders with years, usually have orders, catalogs etc. Signs and logo, just scanned signs and logo in various files (vector, picture HR, low R etc, different versions, etc)


Every client gets their own folder, if we have documents that need to be saved. All current projects are in the folder, all finished projects go in special folder named "zz done" ("zz" so it is last one). It is my observation that clients should not be divided per years, as sometimes they come back - idea is to have open folder until project is finished, then store it in "done"

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Support: again, subfolders with years:

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In each year I save literary every document I sent for some support that was shipped to us - divided in folders that have name as AWB number (for more info on AWB number, look few posts above, here (link). Sometimes I also put the name of shipping agency representative for easier search:

Image description

Here is how one of those folders look:

Image description

It has two scans of the shipping papers (load list and invoice), and all other needed documents - in original (word or excel) and their PDF versions - I always keep everything, for easy access, if needed.

Special note: similar thing can be done for bookmarks. This is how I keep Beokocka's bookmarks

  • office (with links to ordering platform, our sites, accounting, law, customs, shipping and transport, etc
  • mocs (creations of our members, all on one spot, for easy access)
  • News clipping (with subfolders, divided per years, 2012, 2013 etc)
  • LUGS UNITED (with subfolders LUGS UNITED 2015, 2016 etc)
  • LUGS (other lugs, links to their pages)
  • work (links to various agencies we use, from making displays, print, marketing, etc
  • Media network - links to all important decision makers and contacts from media
  • business - link to all our clients (with subfolders for Serbia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Montenegro)

My bookmarks are synced with all other teamleaders from the club, so we can all add or change. Designated person does backup once per week, and keeps all backups (so we can go back years if needed)

There, I hope this can help or inspire someone who is having trouble with ton of papers, like I used to do, before I implemented a system. This system covers more or less everything needed for club I represent

Please note that in documents I keep a word file with contact info for all relevant persons for club functioning, including ambassadors, TLG departments (although we now contact only trough LAN), clients, support firms (print, transport, accounting etc), media contacts, marketing contacts, venue contacts - etc

This file is shared in the most inner circle of our forum (although forum has become obsolete for our usage - pages still exist

Forum was organized:

  • first circle - Beokocka - visible to all, members and guests
  • second circle - Beokocka dosije X - visible only to members
  • third circle - Area 51 - visible only to inner circle decision making team, teamleaders etc
  • forth circle - archived things, visible only to admins

Mentioned forum sections, bookmarks and folders are shared and available to the inner circle of the club and teamleaders

Some info, like marketing contacts, needed years to be gathered, and we value them a lot. Same goes for venue, vendors etc - all with a decision maker's name and contact, and short description how to approach him/her

Dusan, ambassador of Kolege mentioned in car, when we were going with Bostjan to Skaerbaek, that you know you have made a good working practice in firm if that firm can function without you. I am trying to implement this in our club, and make as many as possible of independent team leaders that can handle any project on their own, with no need for inner circle's help

Shared and good organized folders and bookmarks are first step to that goal

I hope this will help or inspire. Until next share&care post, be good, and don't forget to smile ;)

by Ivan Angeli