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LEGO Storage Guide

Tom Alphin from brickarchitect.com (link) shared his fantastic article about the storage of LEGO, something every AFOL or AFOL community comes across, sooner or later

Here is the first page from his guide, and you can read the rest following links at the end of the post:

The LEGO Storage Guide

This in-depth LEGO Storage Guide helps you understand your LEGO collection, find the best way to organize your LEGO bricks, and discover the best LEGO storage for your home and budget. It also includes recommendations for displaying and storing your LEGO minifigures.

The LEGO Storage Guide is by Tom Alphin, author of The LEGO Architect.

The LEGO Storage Guide, by Tom Alphin

The LEGO Storage Guide explores the best ways to organize, sort and store a LEGO collection of any size.

Suggestions or corrections? Please leave a comment or email tom@tomalphin.com.


Thank you for reading the Beta Preview version of this guide!

The guide has been reviewed by several Beta Testers, but I’m sure there are still some bugs in the text, or storage products which I have not considered. Please let me know if you see something that I can improve!

The guide contains two sections:

Section I: Organizing, Sorting, & Storing LEGO Bricks focuses on how to best organize and store your LEGO bricks, whether you have a small collection stored in your den, or a dedicated room for your massive LEGO collection.

Section II: Displaying & Storing LEGO Minifigures looks at the best ways to organize, display, and protect your LEGO minifigures.

Most of the storage solutions that I’ve highlighted in this guide are readily available in the United States. I plan to add region-specific recommendations in the future. (If you have region-specific storage suggestions, let me know!)

In future updates this guide, I hope to add chapters about storing and displaying official LEGO sets, custom creations, instruction manuals, and accessories. As always, your ideas and feedback are welcome.

Table of Contents

Section I: Organizing, Sorting, & Storing LEGO Bricks

Chapter 1: Understanding your LEGO Collection

Chapter 2: Organizing your LEGO Bricks

Chapter 3: LEGO Storage for Small Collections

Chapter 4: LEGO Storage for Medium Collections

Chapter 5: LEGO Storage for Large Collections

Chapter 6: Additional LEGO Brick Storage Tips & Tricks

Section II: Displaying & Storing LEGO Minifigures

Chapter 7: Displaying LEGO Minifigures

Chapter 8: LEGO Minifigure Storage

Appendix: Glossary & Bibliography

Appendix: Version History & Acknowledgements"

by Tom Alphin from brickarchitect.com (link)