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LEGO Brick Labels

Tom Alphin from brickarchitect.com (link) has shared another very usefull article about LEGO Brick Labels

We will share just a fraction of what is on site, and you can find the rest here (link)

LEGO Brick Labels

LEGO Brick Labels is a collection of more than 1000 labels to organize your LEGO collection. The collection includes labels for basic LEGO bricks and plates, hundreds of specialty elements, and over 100 Technic elements. It’s perfect for a large (or growing) LEGO collection!

About the Labels

These labels are carefully designed to print using the economical Brother P-touch label printer, which prints high-quality glossy labels on durable plastic tape with a strong adhesive. They have been designed to work with a wide range of storage solutions, including my favorite: The affordable 64-drawer cabinets by Akro-Mils. Image description I designed each label to ensure you can find bricks quickly, and order more parts when you run out. That’s why each label includes a picture, common name, and the part number. The crisp images of each LEGO brick are created using custom scrips to enhance the contrast, ensuring that the images look great when printed. In cases where there have been several part variations, both part numbers are shown. Image description Each label features a clear image of the brick, the common part name, and part number."

You can find more info here (link)

by Tom Alphin from brickarchitect.com (link)