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IP Guidelines - Q&A

Any AFOL community comes in touch with Intelectual Property (IP) from The LEGO Company (TLG). This is the right way to handle them:

Important note: after some discussion both among ambassadors, support engagers and TLG representatives, we have apsolutly correct in answers on these questions:

  • using LEGO logo is not ok in any circumstances, unles given special promition from TLG (Community managers), or if LCS (LEGO Certified Store) has official connection with your event - even then, the logo is the same, but it has some extra letters to the right of logo
  • using LEGO as a world in any way that makes ilusion that event is organised or sponsored by TLG is not ok. so "LEGO event" is not ok. Any presentation that aludes that event is organized by TLG is not ok. Any afiliation with your product or brand that has not been sanctioned from TLG is not ok
  • stating (but not in a title) "exhibit made out of LEGO bricks" is ok only forreckognized communities. Example: "Beokocka happening! (title)
  • creations made out fo LEGO® bricks"(subtitle) is ok
  • using "®" after the word "LEGO" is required always (ok)
  • having minifig or any part of minifig on poster, T-short or other materials is not ok, unless you have a special prommision
  • having a MOC with minifig is ok, unles that minifig is taking most of area (so, big minifig and city in distance - not ok; city with minifigs inside is ok
  • using LEGO Logo in addition of CLS sign when working with CLS and if approved by them is ok (CLS: Certified LEGO Shop)
  • using LEGO Logo, minifig or part of minifig can not be approved by Regional office if Community Manager from Central Office does not also approve it: or, if Community Manager dissaprove it, Regional Office can't go over his head and re-aprove it. (suggestion: start discussion and connect Local Office and Community Manager trouh one cc e-mail)

the rules I mentioned in first post are there for ALL entities, not just reckognized entities - all must obey them, and they are same for every entity - not only reckognized? - no, there are things that are allowed only for reckognited entities (please refer to IPG - Intelectual Properties Guidelines (link) and FPR - Fair Play Rules (link))

Can local office enforce any other rule, (excluding local laws that must be followed). So, is there a local TLG rule that can't be enforced by law, but it is asked from us in interest of good cooperation, that can be enforced by the local office? -no, Local Office do not enforce their own rules - it it looks that way, we maybe don;t understand something from IPG or FPR, and right way to go is - conversation with the Local Office (LO) representator

What is our course of action if TLG (on LAN) has diferant rule then locall office?-yes, if we feel this is happening, discussion is the right way to go - putting Community Manager (CM) and LO representative in one e-mail trough cc and asking for more clear explanation. Usually it is just missunderstanging or missinterpretation of rules, it is easily fixed trough conversation

Can we make definition of comercial event? -yes, the definition: the comercial event is the one that makes profit. So, it is ok for club to get some funds for covering costs trough ticket sales, trough direct payment or trough donation - as long as it is not making profit and only covers for costs, it is not comercially driven event

what happens if our event is comercial, can we still do it?-yes, in that case IPG are no longer valid and club must refer to FPR; note that in that case club has to pay a fee to TLG for using the world LEGO even in subtitle, even in "models made out of LEGO bricks", and it could be that the club will be forbiden to make this kind of event, as Local Office has comercial already trained firm for these kind of events (please note that I am not completly sure about this, if I buy LEGO bricks in Toy shop, make a lion and want to exhibit it for 50e in a mall - do I have to have premition from TLG if there is no mention of LEGO, just used LEGO Bricks? Anyone? - e-mail me nemamime@yahoo.com)

Hope this covers all questions from the topic :)

by Ivan Angeli