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how we prepare exhibits

Rafal Piasek from Zbudujmy To! (link) has shared article about logistics:

How do we prepare exhibitions? video 1 (link) - how Zbudujmy.to prepares exhibitions

How do we prepare exhibitions? is one of the most asked questions during our shows. How do we put together such a big dioramas, and how do we transport them? This short video answers those questions.

It was recorded during setup of Zbudujmy.to’s exhibition in Rozbark Theater in Bytom that was held last weekend (18-19.03.2017). Timelapse shows about 10 hours of setting up the day before.

And here are quick video showing how it looked after it was ready for public:

video 2 (link) - Wystawa Zbudujmy To! - Bytom 2017

by Rafal Piasek from Zbudujmy To! (link)