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Frequent travelers tips

Frequent travelers tips and tricks

We travel lot. But from personal perspective, I travel a lot in last Saturday I was present at event, in Sunday I flew to Bucharest for event, four days later I returned, to participate in event in following Saturday, and in Sunday I fly for Budapest for another event overseeing, meetings and other boring stuff (all is boring except AFOL socializing and building:)

So, do you have any tips and tricks for frequent flyers and frequent travelers?

For instance, UBER was a revelation for e - we do not have it in our country, and it is MUCH better system then TAXI - with price that you know up front, and driver you can contact if you miss something - and everything else. We lost so much money on natty TAXY drivers who took advantage of us on airport - as we didn't had any other option - until someone mentioned UBER

Then, I learned how to pack for 7 days, all in hand luggage

For first flyers, you can't import anything sharp in plane (small nail scissors, pincers etc.), and liquids in canisters more than 100 ml (and they must be in ziplock bags - you can buy original in Lilly and similar shops, or you can use plain old ziplock bag). This includes deodorants in pray and perfumes (note that normal deodorant is 150 ml, but there are those for flyers, ask on register)

If you bought plane tickets, know that you need to "check in" 24-36 hours before flight - you do this online, follow the link from e-mails you received. You get your seat assigned like this. You will get a ton of pay extra for some comfort, choosing seats, not waiting in line" do not take any of that, you will wait anyhow after you pass the line for others to pass it, and all plane seats are the same, expect those at exits, which are only so much wider, it is not worth mentioning. If you can, print these PDF files you will receive on e-mail, and keep PDF in electronic form on your cell phone.

Note that "check in" can have another name, but it must be done for every flight, at least for all I've been onto, and it should be done for every flight (both going and returning), and for returning, you can check in again only 24 or 36 hours before flight - meaning you need to do it twice for one trip. If you connect flights, it doesn't impact what you must do.

When you go to airport, from when you enter the building to when you enter plane, you will have few check points:

There could be extra first checkpoint at the entrance, where airport personal check if you have a ticket (or that printed PDF file mentioned few lines above) and documents. This is literary two seconds checkpoint.

first is baggage check - put your zipbags with fluids on top, so personnel can see them, and your electronic devices also - in most airports you will need to take them out of bag and put in special container for checking (that last few seconds). If you have a belt, remove it. If you have massive shoes with a lot of metal, maybe they will ask you to remove them also - this is normal. When you go through metal detector, remove all from pockets. Never argue with personnel, if discuss, discuss calmly and with smile.

Second check point is passport controlee - check the signs, you have EU citizens if you are in EUROPE and "all passports", so don't stand in wrong line, like I did so many times :) You give your passport or ID to policeman, he/she could ask you extra question (business or pleasure - I always say pleasure, I don't know if saying "business" will demand any extra documents), and how many days you are staying (or have stayed). These are all routine questions.

note: usually now you can see big monitors - check them for your flight, it will show at what gate you should go - there are clear markings for gates, so follow them to your gate

Third checkpoint is at the gate, boarding - you will show your ticket and ID to airplane firm personnel. If your luggage is too big, it will be taken and put inside the plane below. This is standard procedure. You will pick it up when you land, follow the marks

This is it. At your ticket (PDF file) you have a number of your seat, know that, at takeoff and landing blinds must be open on windows, seat should be in upward position, hand holders horizontal, and plates for food tucked in. seatbelt should be on at all times, and depending on your ticket price and length of voyage, you will usually get water free, and for the rest you will have to pay.


Things I always have in my backpack:


  • soap in plastic container - you always need clean hands
  • normal handkerchiefs
  • slim package of wet handkerchiefs
  • less than 100 ml of shampoo in a special bottle


  • for head pains, for travel sickness, active coal for soft poisoning, antibiotic, probiotic, C and B vitamin - I have only few ampules from each
  • I don't know the name of the cream, but it is called Pavloviceva mast" it is ointment used for babes, and it is healing for irritation (one can get that between legs, especially those with more kg, when pants do a lot of friction with pants). It can also go on any mucous membranes skin (I goggled translated this word), and it is good for burns and cuts.
  • small bandage and few adhesive plasters (also for cuts and burns)

Cash, Cards

  • money, cards and passport I keep in inside pocket, easily accessible, but you need to unzip two zippers to come to it, and it is not easily found for those who do not know where to look


  • few clean underwear, socks and shirts.
  • in small pocket: batteries for camera and mp3 - I tend not to use phone for this, to keep it charged, and I prefer gadgets with removable batteries, so I can always use them (with recharged ones)
  • extra filing for pen
  • Attaché map with blank papers, including those I am working on and pen
  • extra business cards
  • bottle opener (attached on zipper, with Beokocka pendant

Here is what is, at this very moment, in my travel backpack: Image description

  • .1. Leader wrist accessory - aesthetical
  • .2. Perfume
  • .3. Normal handkerchiefs
  • .4.Cheweing gums
  • .5. Wet handkerchiefs
  • .6. Shampoo
  • .7. Antiperspirant deodorant
  • .8. MP3 and camera batteries
  • .9. Extra pair of glasses
  • .10. Various medicine
  • .11. Attaché map (folder with papers)
  • .12. MP3 player
  • .13. Glasses wipe
  • .14. Extra pan with extra filling
  • .15. Aftershave
  • .16. Razor for shaving
  • .17. Toothbrush
  • .18. Toothpaste
  • .19.Business cards
  • .20. Debit cards
  • .21. Palm
  • .22. Leather gloves (it is cold where I travel)
  • .23. Bluetooth active speaker
  • .24. Exterior HDD
  • .25. Nail clipper
  • .26. Camera
  • .27. Chargers and cables for gadgets
  • .28. Extra long charger cable (3m)
  • .29. Soap in a case

Please note that if you travel to Western countries, if it economy lodging, they usually do not have towels and bad sheets, soaps and toilet paper - if you travel to Eastern, they will usually have them, so check this, if you are from one side and travel to another, not to be surprised :)

Extra tip: exchange course on airport is very bad, so if you can skip it, do it in town. Laws are more or less the same everywhere, so if you think something is bad - it usually is. Take attention to special laws, like, in USA you can't hold liquor in hand, it must be masked (I have no idea why, but do not argue logic with police officer - just do what laws requires, you are a guest there)

This is experience from me and mine. Chip in with yours if you have anything to share ;)