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business card

Tips about business cards for ambassadors:

Hi friends :)

It is a good idea to have business card. In addition, if you decide to have one, here is what we would recommend:

Be absolutely clear about the purpose of that card, and for what you intend to use it.

It is totally ok to have a business card just for bragging rights, or a contact for future activities with venue that can help your event evolve in something even greater. Therefore, when planning how it will look - plan for what you will use it

For example, I didn't have a need for business card - until now. Now, I am invited to the 4th July celebration at the USA Embassy (now I am bragging, I got a really fancy invitation with unique code and everything), and our newly appointed Operational Director, who will accompany e, noted that there will be a lot of influential people there, and each one of them will ask "my good, who built this beautiful creation?" I must have business cards ready, to finish conversation with change of contact

That means my business card must be professional, similar to others and not with my goofy things I would like to put on - so nothing overwhelming, pure info, with carefully chosen titles - but I still want it to be memorable, and to leave first impression

Many of those influential people are with age - meaning, sight could not be perfect - I want them to be able to read my card. Making business card cluttered, or choosing fancy font that is hard to read is not a good option.

So, keep it simple, keep it clean

But, with that in mind, keep multiple contact information - unless you are like Madonna and you want to keep your privacy, put your phone number, site, e-mail etc - it is important that future partner can reach you

I like to have some area without any print so people can write word or two (I do that)


This is what I would recommend: you name and surname, title, name of community you represent (optional address), site address, phone number (unless you would prefer to put this as a barrier, if you are giving cards on event to visitors (which I would recommend against, give them pamphlets of your club), e-mail, social media links (which I recommend putting in QR code) and optional - slogan (fun, creativity, beauty) - which I opt against, as I am going to the event with serious people who will all have old school cards (no slogan). But, optionally, it is a good idea, if you have (good) one

I would recommend against borders, which could look pretty, but they do against you if cutting is not perfect, and a lot of colors, unless you have a strong budget

And last, triple check information on it - it must be accurate, to the whole purpose of the card is nulled.

Some extra tips: I think that the success our club is making is due to the rigorous and detailed preparation we go through. Great example is the USA Embassy event - I had to go through preparation and learn:

  • keep them (business cards) clean and unfolded, especially corners
  • keep yours in right pocket (if you are using right hand for everything) and from other people in left pocket - this goes for any networking event, like this one is)
  • acknowledge the card with a second of look before putting in a pocket
  • have enough of business cards
  • have a case for (my) business cards - but do not take it in front of everyone if everyone else is not doing it - fit in. Why? They are all rich and powerful - if you fit in, it is easier to make contact

So, in anything I do, finding a partner, sports, professional meeting, business managing, hobby (our RLUG) I teach people to go in with same type of preparation and thinking ahead, as it gives great results, that are, more than often, unbelievable to other people. Prepare, prepare, prepare, and be relaxed on a meeting :)

You have this :)

Here is the sample of the business card my IT guys cooked for the mentioned meeting Image description QR code leads to our site. It contains web address of our club site, web address of our convention site, web address of our Facebook page and web address of our club page on LAN, in Community Locator

Have a great day filled with LEGO bricks, friends :)