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Acrylic Display Cases

Miro Dudas from SANDLUG (link) shared his take on how to make acrylic showcase, as continuation of discussion with Tony and his idea regarding best practice of constructing display (link)

" Thanks Tony for sharing your thorough pictorial display setup. I find it making acrylic display cases a very practical and safe way to display LEGO. Below are pictures of my sons' new school LEGO model and an acrylic case. I built the school on baseplates and placed it on a plywood cut to size. Then I went to my local acrylic glass fabricator shop and told them what I am building as a gift for the school and they gave me a good price and even did all the cuts for me while I waited. They were happy to help and the cost was only like US$50 total. All that was needed for me was to cement the pieces together with MEK solvent that melts and fuses the acrylic together permanently. Make sure to use in well ventilated space (I did it in an opened garage). It's easier than one would expect, but it sets very quickly. It's important to have the acrylic pieces be perfectly flush, because this solvent does not add any filler to fill in the gaps. It basically just melts the plastic upon contact. It sets in seconds and cures within hours. I cut some smaller pieces of acrylic with a fine toothed miter saw and drilled holes and cemented them to sides of the acrylic box. Then I used screws to fasten the acrylic box to the wood base through the pre-drilled holes. This protects the model and allows me to open it up if repairs are necessary as I did not glue the model together. My boys and I presented the school model of the new school they built in our neighborhood about a year ago and it now proudly sits on it's stand in the entrance lobby.

Disclaimer: No LUG brick was used for this model, but I did have to give up some 1960's vintage letter engraved bricks to spell out the school name logo. It's all for a good cause however. "

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by Miro Dudas from SANDLUG (link)